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PIXELKNETE ist eine Website von Christoph Krebs.

Pixelknetes Background Dotter

Background Dotter Screenshot

Check out the Background Dotter if you need a fancy website background. This tool generates unique background-tiles matching the color-theme of your site. Just hit the Random - Button to take a lucky dip, wait until the background appears and enjoy.

generate dotted background

Feel free to download the background tiles to use them on your own private page. To download the backgound image right-click on the background in Firefox and follow your instincts… Save the image as dotted_bg.png and change your <body> tag to something like this:

<body style="#B01123 background:url(dotted_bg.png) repeat-x;">

Replace B01123 by the background-color value you chosed for Color B.

Happy? How did you find the tool? Where do you use the background-tile? What are your favorite color values? Please post a comment below (makes me happy).

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93 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. samsi

    Nice tool, I’m getting fuzzy! :)

  2. Marlice

    Supergeniales Tool. Vielen Dank :-)

  3. Voll crazy! Mal sehen wem ich sowas verkaufen kann ;-)

  4. Excelent tool, thanks a lot.

  5. Brilliant tool, have bookmarked as it will prob come in handy! well done, thanks!!

  6. wicked generator - now all i need to do is to find somewhere to use it …

  7. Carol

    Wow! How cool.

    Only enhancement I can think of is to (1) add a color picker and (2) show some pretty color combos like the one on this page.



  8. Wertvolles Tool, das schon beim Ausprobieren viel Spaß macht! Grandios!

  9. Antlively

    Nice work!! And a great idea.

    But yes I agree with Carol.. It could really use pop-up color palettes/color-picker. Having to know the numeric color hex/code is a problem for novice designers like myself.

    But thank you regardless!!

  10. Makes me want to redo my website, thanks!!! Camxso

  11. Cool generator- thanks, danke, merci, grazie!

  12. Flo

    Nice one. :)

    I agree about the color picker: It would be great. It would probably also help to mention somewhere on the generator page that you are supposed to manually save the background and color. That confused me for a moment.

  13. Max

    Nice one, thx!!!

  14. carlo

    I like it! Thanks for sharing

  15. Awesome tool. But what I really miss is an option to change the inclination of the dots. That would be just legen…

    …wait for it…


  16. cris

    Easier download button.

  17. pakk0

    Great Job dude

  18. Koz

    I want 1200 height!!

  19. Harry

    Awesome effect. Thankyou.

  20. IGN

    This is SUPER COOL!
    But, i have a question…. As what type of file can i save it?
    It offers me only html… Is it possible to save it as jpg?

    I’m totally new with this and just started with my first web page, so i need help. I’m doing it on iWeb so i don’t know how to copy it to application…


  21. sue h

    Love, love, love!

  22. wow a great one!! thanks a lot dude.

  23. Pete Stewart

    Only way to get colour changes is keep selecting random. There needs to be a colour picker dropdown, wheel, or similar

  24. Very cool! But I think a colour picker is essential, I only wanted to try out the script and it’s too much hassle to look up colour charts.


  25. Like it,its a useful software.

  26. mu

    soooo nice! thank you!!

  27. Ein ausgezeichneter BG-Generator. TOLL.
    Greetingx aus Berlin.
    Eckhard Trems

  28. John

    pretty nifty tool, havent seen any others like it yet

  29. Anne

    Really nice tool!

  30. DalleMomo

    Reall Nice

  31. Janet

    Really great idea - thank you so much!

  32. May Allah bless you brother…

  33. Genial! Vielen Dank!

  34. Dizzy

    How do you save it on a Mac without having the box in the picture?

  35. Dizzy

    Oh, and please respond to my question. :D

  36. Actor

    Can’t download the image. I right clicked it but I still couldn’t download it.

  37. Good stuff!!!

  38. alon

    Thanks , good tool.

  39. Submarino

    Marvelous !! Thanks Kristoph


  40. Mac Man

    Love the potential, but sure wish I could save this for the mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  41. Scott

    would be wonderful as a stand alone app, or something we can purchase to run on our site. To generate backgrounds etc. Some sort of rotatin would be awesome as well, along with the ability to resize the dots.

  42. GFX

    Beauty work!

  43. This has to be one of the best background generators out there! A function to rotate the image at 90* intervals or to horizontally flip the image would be a great addition to this project.

  44. Ruben

    thanks! very cool

  45. I’m no slouch when it comes to getting what I want from the internet but I give up on trying to save this. I’ve exhausted my endless supply of picture stealing aids but still have only a copy with the overlay box ,,, it’s a shame because it is exactly what I want for a new site I’m making. A few generators have gone tits up on me lately, java console errors, non transparent gifs etc. Grrrr. Nice tool though and I’ll be back to try again. Thanks for putting it out there.

  46. Excelent! I’m using this background in many websites :D

  47. Nice tool. The pic however makes my eyes water. It burns; it burns! Mein augen brenen!

  48. I am an expert at cheating. Would you kindly remove your menu from my screen so that I can capture the image and use it as a fill? Puh-lease!

  49. CastroMayor

    First of all your background generator by the way is fantastic! So, congrats.

    However, as i try to save the background by right-clicking with my mouse, i could only save it as HTML not as an image file. Is there any way i could also close first the dialog box for the background generator? Or you could have just design a button on your dialog box like “Click to download image”. Just my 2 cents by the way.

    Thanks and GOD bless.

  50. Thank you so much for the support and your comments!

    It’s amazing how this little peace of an afternoon work evolved. (And it’s amazing how you Japanese people are after dotted backgrounds. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.)

    I know I should spend some time to improve on the things you suggested (easier download, colorpicker, …). I`ll try my best.

    For the Mac People: please try Firefox! It’s the best browser anyway if you want to develop for the web. Then right-click on the dotted background and choose the option to show and save the background image. Please feel free to contact me, if you need help.

    Best wishes

  51. Landon

    Thanks for this!

    For Chrome users (on Windows, haven’t tried on Mac yet) right click the background and select View page source. Then in source, look for img src=”dotted_bg.php* and follow that link to the image.

  52. Thanks

    Thank you very much. So good.

  53. Diogo

    Awesome! :D Makes excelents and colorful backgrounds ;)

  54. Tibi

    Cool this excelents!

  55. Hey,

    Very nice tool! But it would be even nicer, if it could handle with CSS Colors like: Brown, Orange etc.

    Previewing it, already works, btw… ;)

    cheers Malte

  56. Un très grand merci du fond du coeur pour votre simple mais très utile aide… Beaucoup de succès et une grande réussite ce sont là nos plus sincères voeux
    amicalement français…

  57. Christian

    Very cool. Thanks a lot for this!

  58. Genial! Una herramienta muy útil para usar en futuros proyectos.

  59. Wow, very cool

  60. Amazingly cool :)
    Thanks for sharing that great tool!

  61. Brilliant! I’ve used it on 2 websites now, thanks very much folks :)


  62. Steve

    Great tool, we really need to be able to do more then 900px though.

    If i view my site in full screen the backround does not cover the page.

    This is a great tool though.

  63. This is fantastic thank you very much!

  64. Very nice, I love this! Used on my site @ http://digitalcraving.blogspot.com/

  65. sam

    awesome tool but i find it frustrating that i cant pick the color but i have to somehow guess what the numbers and the letters mean.

  66. zebigie

    No. Can’t figure out how to save the backgrounds I wanted.Excellent tool though. Exactly what I was looking for.

  67. KEN

    I like it!

  68. KEN

    This is a perfect background.

  69. U


  70. Thanks for a great background generator! :D Congratulations, good job.

  71. Another way of doing this is right clicking, and selecting “Page info”
    Page info>Media
    There should be an adress and the type should be “background” drag the link onto a new tab, and you should get the dots on their own.
    You’re welcome ;)

  72. PA Henderson

    Love it. A color picker would make it perfect.

  73. Beauty work!

  74. Cool tool


  75. Awesome, I could play with this for hours. Might put a pattern on my website!

  76. Too bad, no download button. But you can look at the source code (CTRL + U in most browsers) and seek for something like

    body style=”background:#FAF1EB url(dotted_bg.php?dc1=FF6600&dc2=BF4C00&bc1=440000&bc2=FAF1EB&h=700

    Copy the stuff after url( and paste it into the adress bar of your web browser, right behind pixelknete.de/. Your picture appears, and you can right click it, like someone has already described.


    Zu blöd, dass es keinen Download-Knopf gibt. Aber du kannst dir den Quelltext anschauen (STRG + U in den meisten Browsern) und nach so was suchen wie

    body style=”background:#FAF1EB url(dotted_bg.php?dc1=FF6600&dc2=BF4C00&bc1=440000&bc2=FAF1EB&h=700

    Kopiere das Zeug hinter url( und füge es in die Adresszeile des Browsers ein, direkt hinter pixelknete.de/. Dein Bild erscheint und du kannst mit der rechten Maustaste drauf klicken, wie schon vorher jemand beschrieben hat.

  77. Correction:


  78. Hey there, I found your website by searching for a website background generator and I love it! I’m currently using #dcf0f0 on white for a website template. Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be using it again in the future.

  79. gab

    Love it!… thanks for your work!!…

  80. very useful thanks ^_^

  81. …au wie schön!!!

  82. korgy

    Fantastic !!!!!

  83. Trishkafibble

    Great tool, but the Chrome browser won’t let me save the background. =(

  84. ali

    very nice
    very nice
    very nice

  85. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for graphic design resume keywords

  86. Madhu

    It looks good

  87. Very cool generator. There needs to be a better way to download the pattern, because most people look for a simple “click to download”.

  88. waw

    yah i agree..this is a great tool

  89. Wow! e realy great tool. i like it! thank you!

  90. Great tool! I made several and couldn’t download it in chrome. Firefox works, but it would be great to see a download button.


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